Fund Resources

The foundation is striving, in every possible means, to generate and mobilize funds needed to the fulfillment of its long term objectives as well as to run the day to day activities of the foundation. The foundation owns a two storeyed building, named as “Tulsi Lal Multipurpose Training Building” constructed with the grant assistant of Government of India and Lalitpur Metropolitan City and another building with the grant assistance of Nepal Government.

Recently, the Provincial government has allocated Rs 5 million for the construction of a modern seminar hall in the third floor of the Foundation.

It is noteworthy to mention that Nepal Government has provided a plot of land measuring 13 ropani(0.66 hecter) to the Foundation for the construction of buildings and organizing various activities to fulfill the objective of the Foundation.

The office of the Foundation is in its own building. The School Department and Foreign Affairs Department of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) are also based in the same building.

Tulsi Lal Memorial Foundation has established:

  1. The Center for Study and Research of Communist and Democratic Movement in Nepal.
  2. The Center for Study and research of Agriculture and Cooperative Movement in Nepal

Two separate committees, headed by Prof Prem Kunwar and Dr. Bal Chandra Mishra, have been formed to assign the task of writing the history of communist and democratic movement in Nepal, respectively.