1. To publish the works of comrade Tulsi Lal Amatya as well as to train and equip the future generations with his teachings and works.
  2. To study and carry out research works in regard to left and democratic movement in Nepal.
  3. To acquaint the Nepalese society with outstanding figures, who worked for communist and democratic movement in Nepal, and to publicize their contributions and works.
  4. To organize seminars, workshops and conferences on burning issues of national and international significance.
  5. To carry out the research activities and write history of peasant, communist and democratic movement in Nepal.
  6. To carry out research activities and establish training centers in regard to cooperative movement in Nepal.
  7. To establish the friendly relationship with national and international organizations and institutions.
  8. To work for establishment of educational and health institutions.
  9. To establish scholarships and prizes for the children of poor  and backward community.