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Tulsi Lal Memorial Foundation

Tulsi Lal Memorial Foundation (TLMF),a non-profit making organization, registered with Nepal government and Social Welfare Council of Nepal,  was established in July 1998 in the memory of late Comrade Tulsi Lal Amatya, a veteran communist stalwart, who struggled, sacrificed and devoted his life for the cause of Communist, Democratic and Peasant movement in Nepal. Establishment of the foundation after his name by his comrade-in-arms and followers can be considered as the first step in a right direction to uphold the principles cherished by him for the establishment of just, equitable, exploitation free and democratic society in Nepal.


1. Establishment of genuine democracy in Nepal, the democracy that makes people the master of their own destiny.

2. High level national development, comparable to that of developed countries.

3. Emergence of new Nepal where all the people live happily.


  1. To publish the works of comrade Tulsi Lal Amatya as well as to  train and equip the future generations with his teachings and works.

  2. To study and carry out research works in regard to left and democratic movement in Nepal.

  3. To acquaint the Nepalese society with outstanding figures, who worked for communist and democratic movement in Nepal, and to publicize their contributions and works. See more ...


Anyone charged of corruption or immoral act or who has been convicted of a criminal offence is not eligible to obtain membership of the foundation. The constitution of the foundation makes provision for four kinds of membership.

  1. Honorary Membership
  2. Founder Membership
  3. Life Membership
  4. General Membership

See detail list..

Executive Committee Patron Advisory Board
Mr. Gopal Shakya (President)
(Former Minister)
Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal
Former Prime Minister and Founder Chairman of TLMF
Prof. Dr. Kamal Krishna Joshi
Former Vice-Chancellor of Tribhuvan University
Mr. Madhav Poudel (Sr. Vice President)
Provincial Assembly Member
Mr. Keshav Badal
Former Minister and Former Chairman of TLMF
Prof. Dr. Ritu Prasad Gartaula
Former Member Secretary of Social Walfare Council
Mr. Krishna Lal Maharjan (Vice President)
Member of Parliament
Dr. Divas Amatya
Founder Member
Dr. BishnuHari Nepal
Former Ambassador of Nepal to Japan
Mr. Him Bahadur Chhetri (General Secretary)
Educationist and Social Activist
Dr. Govinda Thapa
Dr. Sumitra Amatya (Secretary)
Former National Planning Commision Member
Dr. Dinesh Chandra Devkota
Former Vice-Chairman of National Planning Commission
Mr. Mitharam Sharma Bajagai (Treasurer)
Former Member of Parliament
Prof. Dr. Ram Man Shrestha
Former Member of Parliament and Mathematician
Mr. Baburam Thapa (Co-Treasurer)
President of Nepal Teachers Association
Mr. Netra Prasad Dhital
Dr. Banshidhar Mishra (Member)
Ambassador of Nepal to Bangladesh
Dr. Gupta Bahadur Shrestha
Health Educationist
Mrs. Sujita Shakya (Member)
Member of parliament and Central Committee Member of NCP
Ms.Neer Keshari Shrestha
Social Worker
Ms. Garima Shah (Member)
Central Committee Member Of NCP and former member Of parliament.
Mr. Shree Raj Joshi
Mr. Hari Krishna Byanjankar (Member)
Political and Social Activist
Ms. Shanta Manavi
Former Minister
Mr. Taraman Joshi (Member)
Mr. Chandra Bahadur Shrestha
Social Activist
Mr. Rajendra Byanjankar (Member)
Political and Social Activist
Mr. Nareshwor Gyawali (Member)
Political and Social Activist
Mr. Astaman Maharjan (Member)
Social Activist
Mr. Surendra Mohan Sharma (Member)
Political and Social Activist
Dr. Chandramani Adhikari (Member)
Ms.Prativa Shrestha (Member)

Fund Resources

The foundation is striving, in every possible means, to generate and mobilize funds needed to the fulfillment of its long term objectives as well as to run the day to day activities of the foundation. The foundation owns a two storeyed building, named as "Tulsi Lal Multipurpose Training Building” constructed with the grant assistant of Government of India and Lalitpur Metropolitan City and another building with the grant assistance of Nepal Government.
Recently, the Provincial government has allocated Rs 5 million for the construction of a modern seminar hall in the third floor of the Foundation.
It is noteworthy to mention that Nepal Government has provided a plot of land measuring 13 ropani(0.66 hecter) to the Foundation for the construction of buildings and organizing various activities to fulfill the objective of the Foundation.
The office of the Foundation is in its own building. The School Department and Foreign Affairs Department of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) are also based in the same building.

Tulsi Lal Memorial Foundation has established:
1.The Center for Study and Research of Communist and Democratic Movement in Nepal.
2. The Center for Study and research of Agriculture and Cooperative Movement in Nepal

Two separate committees, headed by Prof Prem Kunwar and Dr. Bal Chandra Mishra, have been formed to assign the task of writing the history of communist and democratic movement in Nepal, respectively.